OU Research Computing and Data Survey deadline extended

Participation in the current survey has been good and to allow those who have not taken part or have not completed the survey, the deadline has been extended to April 28. The survey is asking for input regarding the workflows of faculty, researchers, students and staff and their use of computing and data resources. The survey is championed by the Vice-President of Research, the Dean of Libraries and the Chief Information Officer. Data compiled from the survey will allow for decisions and planing of future services and infrastructure to better support the research and scholarly activity occurring at OU. 

If you are interested in participating in the survey, contact me and I will send you the link. This survey is open to any faculty, research, student and staff member of the OU Norman campus. If you have started the survey and have questions, please reach out and we will do our best to address your concerns. 

Scholarly Asset Registry

Starting this year, i have been working with a student developer, Delong Zhao, in the creation of a new tool for the OU Libraries and the VPR Office. The tool has been given the name of Scholarly Asset Register. It is a OU Libraries web portal for OU faculty, researchers and staff to register their digital assets. The main reason for starting this registry is that the OU Libraries is beginning to strategically plan for infrastructure and tools to be able to host these assets. However, before we can begin to fill the repository, we need to know what scholarly digital assets are out there.
While the library benefits by starting to get a handle of what is out in the OU research community, faculty and students will be able to benefit as well. I have been asked many times if certain data and/or data sets are already available and having the give the “I do not know” answer can be frustrating. Starting this registry will help with further understanding how diverse and interesting are the numerous research projects across all disciplines and what digital assets that they provide for the university.
The registry is in beta this summer with an anticipate public release this fall. In the meantime, think about what digital assets are in your lab or are associated with your research. Please think about what numerical data, photos, survey results, twitter feeds, purchased data, etc. We would love to know what is out there.


The OU Libraries would like to welcome you to a new site, Resources for Researchers.

As research advances, new policies and methods regarding data, data management and data curation make use of the emerging and advancing technologies. In addition, funding agencies serving as stewards of the tax paying public are beginning to announce policies regarding open access and reproducibility. The requirement of submitting a Data Management Plan (DMP) as a part of the the proposal process now becomes a very important part of the process. Not only is the formation of a DMP important, the implementation and following through the DMP will become an important part of the research workflow.
This site will serve as a site for learning what resources are available to faculty and students to help facilitate their research endeavors.  Websites, software, local resources, and tools will be listed with brief descriptions. However, making lists of resources and websites is only a small part of this website. The OU Libraries wish to make this an active site and will add contact from Twitter feeds, following those Twitter feeds hosted by other research libraries, data initiatives and major figures in the field of digital data, data management and data curation. This site will include a blog that will highlight in more detail, some of the tools and resources listed on the site.
Finally, OU lLibraries is interested in your feedback. We would love to hear from you regarding the tools and software that you may be using successfully in your research endeavors. What issues are you having? What tools are not listed? We want to make this site a useful resource that you can use and share with others.